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About Us

Introducing Noble Invention Bike Touring: Formerly Named Bike the GAP

Noble Invention Bike Touring, formerly called Bike the GAP, is the result of years of self-guided bike trip planning on the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath under our former name, Bike the GAP.  After seven years in business,  our riders let us know about more great trails they wanted to ride. In our pursuit of excellent customer service, we made the decision to expand our horizons and invite our riders to tour new trails with us.

Noble Invention Bike Touring is a commitment to expanding our business to better serve the goals of our past – and future – riders and to serving a community of riders passionate about bike trail touring.

Noble Invention was created to offer cyclists like you – independent, adventurous explorers – the opportunity to bike the best trails on your own terms, with the expertise to ensure you’ll see the most scenic parts of the trail, stay at the comfortable accommodations each night, and enjoy all the hidden, little-known treasures along the way. We choose trails with incredible scenery and authentic local character. Noble Invention Bike Touring focuses on the best trails in the U.S. and exceptional customer service.  Our commitment to seamless planning by our skilled staff, and stringent research of all trails and services, sets us apart from the competition.

With the growth in bike trail systems across the country over the past decade, there are now so many great places to ride. All of that growth along the trails has made a huge impact in these small communities. We are committed to helping continue their growth by taking 5% of all of our proceeds to support our social mission (read about our mission).

See you on the trails!

Sara Petyk, owner

Certificate of Excellence Winner

  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence winner 2015, 2016, and 2017
  • 99% 5-star reviews – TripAdvisor


In our always-on culture – the bicycle remains our most noble invention!

At Noble Invention Bike Touring, we believe that bike touring is just about the perfect travel experience. We’ve been hooked on biking since our first taste of independence when our parents removed our training wheels. A bike touring vacation is the same taste of freedom with the promise of the road ahead.

Propelled under your own power along scenic bike trails, your senses are engaged as you take time to notice our environment. You’re free from cell phone and all of the day-to-day restraints of our busy lives, moving at our own pace while taking time to enjoy what is immediately in front of us.

Since 2010, Noble Invention, formerly named Bike the GAP, has provided self-guided bike tours with the goal of providing exceptional customer service in our efforts to provide a memorable experience on the trail.

Our Numbers

  • Operated more than 550 bike tours.
  • Served over 1500 cyclists.
  • Offer tours on trails along the Great Allegheny Passage, Missouri’s Katy Trail and Florida’s Coast to Coast Connector.
  • In 2018, we announced our 5% for Trail Economies initiative providing support to business development along trails.
Sara Petyk // Owner. Marketing/Operations

Sara Petyk // Owner. Marketing/Operations

Noble Invention Bike Touring (previously Bike the GAP) is the result of my love of cycling and my years as a tourism professional. I truly enjoy sharing my love of biking through travel. I started along the Great Allegheny Passage, which trail holds a spot in my heart (from my hometown of Pittsburgh, to the Civil War battlefield where I met my husband, to weekend camping spots with friends). As we grow to add new tours I have the opportunity to fall in love with even more trails. I hope these trails and communities soon will hold a place in your heart too.

Kelley Stroup // Trip Coordinator

Kelley Stroup // Trip Coordinator

I am a lover of all things cycling and trail. My husband and I spend a good portion of most weekends on the local trails either riding or running. I’m particularly excited to work in a position where I can offer my cycling experience as a benefit to our customers.

Ann Yoders // Trip Coordinator

I became an avid trail and road cyclist six years ago. Cycling proved to be a transformative experience allowing me the opportunity to step away from the demands of a job in IT and experience freedom from the always "on" environment.

Marjorie Cronin // Trip Coordinator

Marjorie Cronin // Trip Coordinator

In 2014, I moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa., after living for many years in North Carolina. It was at that time that I discovered the many wonderful bike trails in and around Pittsburgh. My favorite trail is the GAP with its breathtaking views, bridges and tunnels. I am looking forward to helping you create your biking adventure!