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Riding Tips

Top Tips for Bike Touring and Practicing Social Distancing

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. While the world is currently in lockdown due to COVID-19, there will come a day when life returns to normal and you’ll be able to head off on all those travel adventures you’ve been dreaming about. 

But the impacts of the virus are …

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How To “Convince” Them That a Bike Tour is a Great Idea

Bike touring is one of the best ways to share quality time with others, not to mention it’s healthy, active and fun! And now you’ve come to a crossroads many cycling enthusiasts have been to — trying to share the wonderful world of bike touring with someone you think would enjoy it too.

So how can …

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Top 10 Tips: Self-Guided Bike Tour Success

Whether you’re a veteran cyclist or planning your very first bike tour, these tips will help make your trip a huge success. 

1) Do Your Homework

So you’ve decided to take a self-guided bike tour! Location, duration and difficulty are all important factors to consider when deciding which tour is right for you. …

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Nutrition Tips for Multiday Bike Tours – PDF Guide

One of the best parts of bike touring is the food and having a plan for nutrition on your trip is essential. We created a helpful PDF guide to help you start thinking about your nutrition plan for your next bike trip.

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How To Train For Your Bike Tour – PDF Guide

Do you need to train for your bike tour? That’s a question that only you can answer, but we created a helpful PDF guide to help you get started on planning!

To download the PDF, simply complete the …

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What is a Self-Guided Bike Tour?

As your bike trail experts, our goal is to create an unforgettable experience on the trail for busy bike enthusiasts like you. On a self guided bike tour you’ll ride the trail on your own, following a trip plan created for you. We’ve worked hard to create a variety of trip packages to allow …

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Planning Your First Bike Trip

Planning your first multi-day ride can be a daunting undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! We have put together a four-part series on getting the most out of your first self-guided bike tour. 

Part 1 – Booking Your First Trip

As you start out planning your ride with Noble Invention, there is a list of questions …

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Difficulty Levels Explained

As you do your research and decide on which trip to take, you’ll notice a category on our trips page entitled “Difficulty Level”. We have defined five trip difficulty levels that exist on a continuum from ‘very easy’ to ‘very difficult’. We have defined these levels as a quick reference so our riders can …

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What Happens if I Have an Emergency?

If a medical emergency occurs during your bike trip, the first action should always be to call 911. Following that, you will contact your Noble Invention team on the dedicated trail support phone number. You can also consult your Trip Handbook to identify your nearest town and/or medical center.

If a mechanical emergency occurs, you can …

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Family Bike Travel Tips

Many people believe that once children come along, their bike touring days are over, or at least seriously curtailed. But all the things you love about bicycle travel — the freedom, the relaxation, the exercise — can be shared and enjoyed with your children. In fact, family bike travel can be a huge benefit to …

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