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Nutrition Tips for Multiday Bike Tours – PDF Guide

One of the best parts of bike touring is the food and having a plan for nutrition on your trip is essential. We created a helpful PDF guide to help you start thinking about your nutrition plan for your next bike trip.

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One of the best parts of bike touring is the food. Making sure you’re eating the right
foods at the right times will help you to enjoy the trip overall – and each day – so
much more.
Most of our riders can expect to bike between 30-50 miles a day in weather that
ranges from mild, cool temperatures to humid, hot conditions. Having a plan for
nutrition on your trip is essential.

Different circumstances require different
food plans. Think about the type of trail
and the time of year you’ll be riding – as
well as your current fitness level – when
reading through our suggestions. Our
nutrition advice is geared toward touring
cyclists riding at an easy to moderate pace
for several days in a row.

First and most important is proper
hydration. Before starting your trip, drink
plenty of water the week prior. This will
ensure that when you start your body is
well-hydrated and has had a chance to
adjust. When packing for your trip, be sure
to bring a water bottle – we recommend
having two – or a hydration pack.

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