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Top Tips for Bike Touring and Practicing Social Distancing

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Here at Noble Invention Bike Touring, we think our cycling tours along some of the United States’ best trails are the perfect way to transition back into travel. With small groups, plenty of open space and a good dose of adventure thrown in, you’ll get your travel fix without taking a big risk!

We wanted to pass along some tips on how to bike as travel again becomes a part of our lives.

wiping down handle bars on bike

1 – Safety and Sanitizing

Something that is bound to stay with all of us in the post-COVID weeks and months is maintaining good hygiene practices, which is particularly important if you’re heading outside of your home. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after you come into contact with any surface, as well as before and after you eat, and after using the bathroom.

It’s also good to know that the virus is not spread through perspiration, but it can be spread through items that people touch. So it’s a good idea to carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you on your cycling trip in case you want to clean your hands along the way and don’t have access to soap and running water. You may also want to pack some disinfecting wipes so that you can wipe down the handlebars on your bike at regular intervals or other surfaces that other people may have been in contact with. 

Some further guidance from the experts: [https://www.consumerreports.org/bikes/bike-riding-safety-during-coronavirus-pandemic]

  • “If you are using short-term bicycle rentals, make sure to bring wipes to clean off the handlebars, seat, brakes, and any other commonly touched surfaces before you ride. As a precaution, try not to touch your face while riding. Use hand sanitizer right after you ride if you have it. And wash your hands at a sink as soon as you can.”
  • “After your post-exercise shower, clean your clothes, including any cycling-specific equipment such as gloves, sunglasses, helmets, wind jackets, or other wearables.”

2 – Travel in Smaller Groups

There are a lot of benefits to travelling in smaller groups that go beyond the risk of spreading a virus. But for the purposes of this write-up, let’s stick to the subject! In simplest terms, the smaller the group, the safer each guest is from not only contracting, but spreading an illness to others. Not only are small groups suggested in these times according to CDC guidelines, but our guess is that it will be a suggestion for many months to come.

remote bike riding during covid19

3 – Take Your Travel Outdoors in More Remote Areas, but Stay in the US

As you consider what your plans were and what you might be looking to do moving forward, think about the amazing opportunities to get to know or become reacquainted with world-class trail systems we have right here in the US. The GAPl will beckon anxious cyclists looking forward to long summer days of riding. For a later fall adventure – the C&O and Katy Trail are happy to welcome you. 

Not only are many of these trail systems uncrowded, but they explore the rich history of our country. 

4 – Virtual Bike Touring

Right now getting outside and bike touring isn’t a possibility for most of us. No worries! Spend some time virtually touring with these creative and worthwhile content creators:

5 – Self-Guided Tours

Maybe now more than any other time would be a year to give “self-guided tours” a go! If you’re uncomfortable in a more traditional larger tour or join-in group tour, that’s totally understandable! But your emotional need to get out and explore is still yearning. Self-guided touring might be perfect for you this summer or fall. Typically, these tours only include your personal friends and family along for the ride, they are small, intimate and you’ll eat and sleep in small local places off the beaten path. 

At Noble Invention, we’re excited for when the time comes that we can once again hit the road and discover some of the best cycling trails America has to offer. So while you’re stuck at home in isolation, why not start planning your next adventure and keep your travel dreams alive.