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What Happens if I Have an Emergency?

If a medical emergency occurs during your bike trip, the first action should always be to call 911. Following that, you will contact your Noble Invention team on the dedicated trail support phone number. You can also consult your Trip Handbook to identify your nearest town and/or medical center.

If a mechanical emergency occurs, you can call us on the trail support phone number and you will find fellow cyclists stopping to help almost immediately. We expect our riders to be able to fix flat tires (something all cyclists should know!) and to have the materials to do so on hand. We can help talk you through it.

For more serious mechanical issues, we can put you in touch with a nearby bike shop, and/or help arrange for a shuttle to come to the nearest trailhead. If you are riding a rental bike, that vendor will also assist you with repairs (and potentially even a bike replacement).

In the past we have arranged transport from the trail, altered itineraries mid-trip, assisted travelers in returning to their start point, and generally have done whatever is necessary to make things right.

Over 7+ years of operating bike tours, we experience 1-2 major medical or mechanical incidents per season. More often we hear of stories of fellow trail riders helping to change a tire, or make a fix until you reach the next bike shop, or stopping to shuttle to the next town. We will always be there for you no matter what happens on the trail!