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Statement: Covid-19

To Our Dear Riders

Certainly it is true that the world around us is always in a state of change. However, it is rare that a change occurs which affects us so similarly on such a scale as the COVID-19 pandemic. We are united in this event, in some ways for the better – as we support our families and communities – and in some ways for the worse – by amplifying concerns and creating panic.

We are all considering the consequences of this pandemic to our future plans, both large and small. Understandably you may be considering whether a bike tour this spring, or summer, or even this year will even be possible.

NIBT is a small tour operator serving small groups of cyclists. We are lucky in that we are able to react to changes relatively quickly – whether they are due to weather or health or other circumstances – and do not require the lengthy lead times which other companies and activities require.

At this time we truly do not know what travel will look like in two weeks, let alone four or six weeks. And we have space right now to wait and see. We encourage you to continue to search for your next adventure, and as you practice “social distancing”, please still reach out to us with any questions!

Those scheduled to travel with us within 60 days are receiving extended payment deadlines and other options to alter their tours. As time proceeds, and if the state of travel recommends it, we will continue to extend those deadlines and options to travelers in June, July, and beyond.

We realize some riders will encounter other factors (delayed work, transportation issues) resulting from the pandemic which will result in the need to reschedule or cancel their tours – and we will work with them to provide the best possible support, as we always do.

For many riders, there is still plenty of time to make decisions about spring and summer travel, and with us you can wait, see and continue to ask us questions before making any final commitments. Our change and cancellation policies can be found here. We are conscious to always be fair in our cancellation fees, when required, and offer time frames which allow for plenty of alteration or cancellation, even close to departure.

If you have concerns about any aspect of your trip, please know you can always talk with us.

Sara Petyk, owner, Noble Invention Bike Touring