Our Mission

Bike Tourism and Economic Development

At Noble Invention, we believe that bike touring offers a unique opportunity to experience the world in a way that positively affects ourselves and the communities we travel through. Research and economic studies conducted over the past several years have shown consistently that bike tourism makes a significant, positive impact on the economies of local communities.

Having run a bike tourism company for over a decade (as well as serving on the board of Allegheny Trail Alliance), we have seen first-hand the transformative effect that a highly traveled bike trail can have on a small town. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with – and learning from – a host of local business owners who also work hard to meet the needs of riders in their quest to have a memorable experience.

As we have grown and have created trips on more trails and worked with more bike riders, we’ve seen an increasing need for bike tour operators and local businesses to work together to create the best possible experience for trail users.

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Trail Economies & Economic Sustainability

Noble Invention aspires to become the country’s most popular self-guided bike tour operator. As we grow our business, we’ll work to grow our commitment to our social mission as well.

Our social mission seeks to support trail economies as they grow along side of us. We’ll do this by donating a portion of our tour proceeds to help trail organizations and businesses grow and evolve to meet the needs of a growing consumer base, while ultimately contributing to building communities.

More on Trail Economies

“Perception is Reality. Factors to a Successful Trail Economy” — written by Sara Petyk and Amy Camp

Adventure Cycling Association – resources on economic impact

The Outdoor Recreation Economy — report released by the Outdoor Industry Association

Great Allegheny Passage Economic Impact Studies — from the Allegheny Trail Alliance

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