Sara: Bikepacking Lessons Learned

Advice for those bikepacking with our Bike Tour Blueprints.


When I announced our Bike Tour Blueprints in 2021, I was excited to offer some new tours but also to have a product that benefits from my years of bikepacking on rail-trails and other bike routes. Bikepacking is essentially backpacking, but with a bike. The idea is to carry what you need for your trip with you, including what you need to sleep at night. This is a contrast with bike tours which involve staying at indoor accommodations and perhaps even luggage or SAG shuttles.

What I enjoy about bikepacking is really being outside the entire trip and being reliant on my own choices and my own experience. One of the great things about my job is that I have a platform to share lessons I’ve learned with others who maybe can benefit from them (and not make my mistakes).

The two videos I created from a bikepacking trip on the C&O provide detailed advice with the goal of helping others become successful bikepackers and bike tourists.

Bikepacking and Time-Tested Advice on the C&O Towpath

This video covers topics from bikepacking bags, tents, food and water.

Challenging Your Fears

This second video covers less often discussed aspects of bikepacking, including how to pace your trip and concerns about sleeping outside in the elements.