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Erie Canalway Trail

The Erie Canal is still used for limited commercial purposes, as well as being popular with leisure cruises. But one of the best ways to delve into its rich history and discover the glory years of the canal is on a cycling tour, following the longest continuous off-road section between Buffalo and Newark in New York state. We offer both a four and 5-day bike tour on the Erie Canalway Trail.

However, as many know, it was built to connect the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. The Erie Canal was the second-longest canal in the world when it opened in 1825. It was considered one of the greatest engineering feats of its era and greatly enhanced the development of New York City and the United States in general. Not only were goods transported along the canal, but also new ideas and social reforms, such as the abolition of slavery and women’s suffrage.

Today, dotted with charming towns, fascinating cultural attractions, and scenic landscapes, the Erie Canal is ideal for riders of all abilities. The mostly flat, multi-use trail is predominantly covered in stone dust and gravel, with a few paved and natural surfaces along the way. The Erie Canal rises 566 feet from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, with the change in elevation nearly indiscernible.

Erie Canalway Bike Tours

  • Erie Canal Trail – 4 Day


    On a scale of 1 (least dificult) to 5 (most difficult) this trail is a 2.


    Self-guided tour not offered 2023.
    Erie Canal Blueprint can be purchased.


    Short Week

    Ave. Distance:

    20-40 miles/day

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