Erie Canalway Trail


The 360-mile Erie Canalway Trail from Buffalo to Albany offers a glimpse of historic New York State as you follow the route of the Erie Canal.


On-Road Paved, Off-Road Crushed Gravel


360 miles

What’s Included

  • Comprehensive Trail Knowledge
  • Reservation Guide
  • Detailed Itineraries
  • Digital Mapping and Voice Navigation

Erie Canalway Trail


The 360-mile Erie Canalway Trail from Buffalo to Albany offers a glimpse of historic New York State as you follow the route of the Erie Canal.

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Suggested Itineraries

Day 1 – Buffalo to Brockport. (73 mi.)
Day 2 – Brockport to Weedsport. (86 mi.)
Day 3 – Weedsport to Utica. (86 mi.)
Day 4 – Utica to Schenectady. (84 mi.)
Day 5 – Schenectady to Albany. (30 mi.)

Day 1 – Buffalo to Medina. (48 mi.)
Day 2 – Medina to Palmyra. (70 mi.)
Day 3 – Palmyra to Syracuse. (66 mi.)
Day 4 – Syracuse to Utica. (62 mi.)
Day 5 – Utica to Amsterdam. (65 mi.)
Day 6 – Amsterdam to Albany. (47 mi.)

9-day itineraries with and without Seneca Falls are offered.

Day 1 – Buffalo to Lockport. (31 mi.)
Day 2 – Lockport to Brockport. (42 mi.)
Day 3 – Brockport to Pittsford. (27 mi.)
Day 4 – Pittsford to Seneca Falls. (50 mi.)
Day 5 – Seneca Falls to Syracuse. (44 mi.)
Day 6 – Syracuse to Rome. (45 mi.)
Day 7 – Rome to Little Falls. (38 mi.)
Day 8 – Little Falls to Amsterdam. (43 mi.)
Day 9 – Amsterdam to Albany. (47 mi.)

Campsite and camping information, plus digital mapping of campgrounds for the entire trail is included.

rider enjoying bridge crossing on Erie Canalway Trail

Riding the Erie Canalway

The most popular time to bike the Erie Canalway is between June and September. Trail services should open by mid-May (if not earlier) and can close by early October.

It is possible to bike the Erie Canalway year-round, but many services will be closed or with shortened hours outside of the season.

The Erie Canalway is well-maintained by the New York State Parks & Trails. The trail surface ranges from packed, crushed gravel to pavement. The route can accommodate all types of bike and riders.

Approximately 15% of the route is on-road.

The route can be toured in either direction, however, the prevailing winds between Buffalo and Syracuse are west to east, so the recommended travel direction is also west to east, Buffalo to Albany. [Wind is less of a factor east of Syracuse.]

The Erie Canalway travels through well-populated areas and cell service is reasonably accessible along the entire length. Small to mid-sized towns are spaced regularly along the route and there are several major cities (Rochester, Syracuse, Rome, Utica) located directly along the trail as well.

Bike rentals are available in Buffalo, Fairport, and Pittsford. Rentals must be returned to the rental location or shipped to their shop.

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